« I’ve always felt a need to reproduce graphically the world I inhabit as a way to curate my highs and low. »


Ready-made images & visions pop-up constantly through my head but when I photograph… I don’t think much anymore.

It’s all very instinctive.


I am made of literature, a longing for experimentations  and a will  to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, to document the great invisible, the world of spirits, the notion of force vitale.


The photos I keep in the end are made of sensations rather than grains or pixels.

I’ve always been obsessed with producing cryptic autobiographical images, texts, installations and collages where things are hidden behind things.


My work celebrates men’s individuality, a landscape of the strange, an index of the forces at work against a generic world.


The William Burroughs scrapbooks and Surrealists movement are a source of influence.


Creation is how to give shape to all that we carry within us.


Africa, where I lived on & off for the past 25 years is the main source of inspiration for my work.

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