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My images explore a landscape of the strange, they delve into obscure worlds and unpredictable dimensions that can at times be disturbing but also translates into poetic representations of transcendent forces.


They intend to take you places were the occult and the sacred unite.

Places were poetry, sex, magic, spirituality, existential longing and the omnipresence of death intertwined.


Dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. 


I feel a need to reproduce graphically the world I inhabit to curate my highs and lows.

Creation is how to give shape to all that we carry within us.


I’ve always wanted my images to look timeless by using aleatory techniques, collages, installations and text where things are hidden behind things.

A will to add mystery to the mystery.


They present a world that exists but also doesn’t really.

To enter the world of spirits ( more commonly called Black Magic ) is to enter a Terra Incognita of knowledge.

It is surreal, dark and fueled with the fear and hopes of the universe.


Stories about men, animals and gods.

Supernatural events and everyday happenings of love, hate, trickery and fatal magic.


I was born in Africa.

And I have been living there on & off for the past 30 years.

Its culture, beliefs, strong visual and spiritual landscape are the main source of inspiration for my work along with the Surrealist Movement and William Burroughs Scrapbooks.


My work celebrates men’s individuality, an index of the forces at work against a generic world.

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