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Conversation with Brad Feuerhelm

"His backstory is quite interesting and what I thought I knew of the artist simply by looking at his book was challenged by speaking to him. Nehama is a kind, concerned artist working between South Africa and Paris. He is an astute observer and his work covers lots of territory both political and cultural. I highly recommend you get this book before its gone."


Penis Witch & Lost Lovers

First volume of " TALES TO ENTERTAIN THE DEAD " is out! 

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Ivy Pottinger-Glass interviews surrealist photographer/collage artist Nehama.

Cursed Artwork, Tabloids and the Limits of Representation.

"IPG: What’s Important to you?

N : What matters most is how well you walk through the fire...

Beauty & freedom comes to mind.

We live in times of great conformism,

you're constantly told what to think, what to do, how to eat, what to wear etc...

The world tends to be more & more homogenized. Accepting your individuality is the essence really.


Then, eventually one can concentrate on beauty.

Usually it happens by accident and when nothing else can."

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